zojirushi rice cooker reviews

The Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer is a versatile appliance,

ideal for any cook and any kitchen.

This rice cooker comes in 5.5 cups and 10 cups capacity,

with a gorgeous Stainless Brown exterior finish.

The rice cooker’s microcomputer uses fuzzy logic technology

to adjust the cooking time and temperature for each menu setting,

ensuring that the rice or other foods are prepared consistently, each time it’s made.

The machine features multiple menu settings for cooking not only various types of rice,

such as brown rice, sushi rice and porridge,

but moist and delicious cake,

or steamed vegetables and fish,

making it a multipurpose appliance, suitable for all your needs.

This machine also features an easy-to-read LCD control panel with clock and delay timer

which allows you to program when you’d like the rice to be ready,

and an interchangeable melody or beep signal that notifies you when cooking is complete.

The automatic keep warm and reheat settings keep your rice hot and fresh until when you’re ready to eat.

The black thick inner cooking pan distributes heat evenly

and is nonstick coated for easy cleaning,

and the inner lid is detachable and washable.

It also has a built-in retractable power cord

which makes storage easy.

Accessories include a steaming basket, measuring cup, spatula and spatula holder.

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